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IR35 refers to the United Kingdom's anti-avoidance tax legislation designed to tax of the sort that are required to establish IR35 liability. From 6th April , responsibility for determining if a contract is inside or outside of IR35 usually lies with the end client (or Employment Agency) who pays. Liability for proper taxation will ultimately rest with the end hirer, but HMRC will often look to collect first from employment agencies. If you're an end.

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Where the client determines the worker falls within the IR35 rules, the responsibility for then applying the correct tax treatment to payments made to the PSC. IR35 itself isn't changing. But the liability for ensuring compliance will be different under the new rules. It will now be your responsibility. As well as the responsibility transferring, the tax liability will now rest with the deemed employer (or fee-payer) that is closest to the Contractor's limited.

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As stated above, the responsibility of determining and declaring whether or not IR35 applies no longer sits with the contractor alone. End user clients are now. Until this statement is provided, you will be classed as the fee-payer, taking on the IR35 liability and responsibility for deducting the appropriate tax. If the end-client is small, the contractor retains the responsibility to make the IR35 assessment, and the tax liability if they get it wrong – just as they.