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Can be flexed to convey cartons to and from workstations and case tapers etc. Conveyor width mm Minimum length mtr Maximum extended length mtr. Manual cut adjustment. Product outfeed by conveyor belt. 4 types of slice arrangement: Stacked - In a circle - Staggered horizontally - Staggered stack. Conveyor Small in-feed or out feed conveyor. This small infeed or outfeed converyor would be perfect at begining or end of a shrink wrapper.

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Steel outfeed roller conveyor with chain belt, s/s rollers, roller width: mm, distance between chains: mm, total dimensions. This is realised by a high speed induction conveyor, that provides controlled spiral entry. Multiple in and outfeed Spiral Conveyor features: Can be applied to. Outfeed and slow down belts. Out of the planer the boards have to be slowed down and feed crosswise again. We offer feeding devices, perfectly tailored to.

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The wave outfeed conveyor or wave offload conveyor is used to transport PCB to the next stop after it gets out from a wave solder machine. Buy the Pacplan® Flexible Outfeed Conveyor (GTL), another fantastic Taping Machinery product from the Southgate Packaging range of packaging equipment. wave soldering outfeed PCB assembly conveyor using in the THT production line,connect the wave soldering machine and plug-in or unload the PCBA.