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What to feed your hedgehog visitors Well-meaning animal lovers traditionally put a saucer of bread and milk out for wild hedgehogs, but in fact this can be. Hedgehogs eat a huge range of other garden invertebrates. In fact, beetles, earthworms and caterpillars make up most of their diet. If you want hedgehogs. Hedgehogs will relish any combination of meat-based wet dog or cat foods, or dry cat/kitten food, as these are high in the protein that they need. Just remember.

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What to feed hedgehogs · – Avoid foods like milk and bread. These are difficult for hedgehogs to digest and can cause health problems. · – If your garden visitors. Just like many of our other furry friends, hedgehogs need a diet that is high in animal protein. High protein cat food is packed with the essential nutrients to. Hedgehogs are most famous for eating slugs and snails, but they eat a huge range of other garden invertebrates too. In fact, beetles, earthworms and.

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Use plain kitten biscuits or a specialist hedgehog food (sold in garden centres), which helps to keep their teeth sharp and clean. Hedgehog holes. A 13cm (5 inches) square hedgehog hole is essential for creating hedgehog highways between gardens. Cherry tree. Hedgehogs will eat fallen. Hedgehogs will mainly benefit from a wide but shallow bowl of water (or a pond) and a garden with lots of hidey places and no pesticides or slug pellets.