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Earn % gross/AER fixed interest for two years. Interest is paid after each year. The interest rate is fixed so it won't change during the term. You can have. Fixed-rate bonds tend to decrease in value when interest rates rise and increase in value when rates fall. The bond's value changes to compensate for the. Fixed Interest Rate · Interest up to % Gross/AER fixed for a 3 year term · 1, 2 and 3 year terms available · Monthly or annual interest options · Minimum.

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Typically, bonds are fixed-rate investments. If inflation is increasing (or rising prices), the return on a bond is reduced in real terms, meaning adjusted for. Fixed Rate Bonds generally offer a higher rate of interest for money that you can afford to put away for a year or more. The rate of interest is fixed for. Fixed-rate bonds are usually suitable for people with a lump sum to invest. In fact, quite often they have a high minimum amount needed to open an account. It's.

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If a loan or bond is priced at a fixed interest rate, the interest rate – which determines the interest expense amount due each period – is fixed and does. Fixed rate savings bonds are usually best suited to those depositing a large amount of money. The longer your fixed term, the higher interest rates you'll. A Fixed Rate Bond, also known as a Fixed Term Deposit, is a savings account that you can put money in for a set period of time, usually 1, 2 or 3 years, but can.